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Freethinkers’ brainstorming session


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Date: Feb 1, Sunday
Time: 2PM to 5PM
Place: Starbucks top floor Shangri-la Mall

  1. Get to know fellow freethinkers, exchange contact information.
  2. Brainstorm ideas for the upcoming First Filipino Freethinkers’
    Forum (F4) on Feb 28.
  3. Draft a preliminary plan to prepare for the upcoming F4, complete
    with roles and responsibilities, schedule, milestones, etc.
  4. Schedule and set the agenda for the follow-up meeting(s).
  5. Lend each other books and movies (I’m sure we all have wonderful
    collections we can share with each other).

Things to bring:

  1. An open mind.
  2. A list of ideas you have brainstormed beforehand.
  3. Books and movies you want to lend or others have borrowed from you.
  4. Money for a coffee or juice — we don’t want to be freeloaders.

If you’d like to confirm or be added to the list, contact Redtani via email(redtani AT yahoo DOT com) or SMS (09276414352)

This is just a planning session, mind you. The actual F4 event is scheduled at the end of February, and I’ll post details of that later.

I know, the term “freethinker” is a rather vague term. But to be clear, in this case it means “atheist, agnostic, secular humanist, deist, pantheist, and non-dogmatic believer or religionist”, according to the F4 people. Sounds like a party, yes? Hijinks will ensue, I’m sure.

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