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Facebook and your parents


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I love my Facebook. It keeps me updated with what my friends are up to, especially those who live in other cities and other countries. Of course, nothing compares with catching up with an old friend over a cup of coffee, but with most of my friends and work contacts spread far and wide around the globe, I don’t always have that luxury.

I don’t even bother with my Yahoo instant messanger (YM) anymore. Most of my YM contacts are on Facebook, and Facebook has its own instant messaging feature. I got one such IM from my cousin L. yesterday. He asked me if I knew his mom was on Facebook. I didn’t. Then came the weird part: he asked me to add her as a friend.

No fricking way, I told him. I love my aunt and all, but the last thing I wanted was my dad’s siblings seeing what I’m up to. What if my Dad went on Facebook? He might want me to “friend” him too! And that way, ladies and gentlemen, lies madness.

Wait, why do you want me to friend your Mom, I asked L. It turns out he wanted to add her as a contact, but she refused (apparently, she uses Facebook for business networking purposes). And he was really curious about what she had on Facebook. Which is kinda sweet, I guess, but I wanted to be left out of it.

L. wasn’t the only Facebook contact I know who was having Facebook-parent problems. Except that unlike him, most of the people I know are horrified they have to be Facebook friends with their parents, even if they do it anyway just to be polite. After all, would say “No you can’t be on my Facebook” to the woman who carried you for nine months and gave birth to you? Even if that means she gets to see pictures of you flashing the entire senior class during your best friend’s pool party? Yeah, I know, you can exclude any contact from seeing your photos and videos, but you have no control over the photos and videos your friends post online. I tell you. Madness.

So right now, I’m perfectly happy that I have most of my cousins on my friends list, while my Mom remains a Luddite and my Macbook-toting Dad isn’t the sociable type. How long will this last, I wonder. But just to be safe, I’m not flashing anybody within the vicinity of any cameraphones. I think a wise man told me that.

So, what do you think ?