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Tweets for Today -24


00:23 OK, I know it’s your civil right to procreate, but will you please post something other than your kids’ photos on your Facebook? #

00:24 So your child can read. And draw. Congratulations, she’s not retarded! Now go get a life. #

02:27 24 and Krispy Kreme. I love my life. #

03:32 Now in hour 2 of day 7 of 24. The acting is HORRIBLE. WTF is going on? #

03:35 Was there even a director on set? It’s like they just got the actors together and told them, "Go." #

16:31 Meeting L. is an hour. Gotta hustle. #

21:49 Blagojevich — Scumdog millio-hairs. Mwahaha. Also, John Oliver is senior poetry correspondent. The Daily Show FTW! #

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