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Tweets for Today – Aftermath


23:38 Party over. Now to check on the Interwebs … #

00:18 Why does Rachel Maddow make me gay? *sigh* #

18:32 Staving. But too lazy to make anything, call for take-out or go out to eat. #

18:32 Maybe I’ll just sit here and say I’m on a diet. #

19:49 Crikey. While I was napping, my friends have been sending dozens of e-mail to one another. We’re all cc’d. I had to hurredly chime in. #

20:10 Chow King breaded pork is suprisingly decent. Also, any fast food that has non-plastic utensils gets brownie points in my book. #

21:58 Finishing off the last of the banoffee ice-cream. Eating out of the tub. Because I can. #

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