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Tweets for Today – Prep for party


22:54 Argh. I stepped on another plastic hairband again. And it was my purple one too. #%$#!!! #

23:04 Been to four polls, and the only one with blogs I read is the science category. Apparently, I am not cool 🙁 #

23:06 Gaiman minions, go vote for Neil: . #

01:34 I need a beer. #

02:18 Finished cleaning oven and fan. Now moving on to microwave and oven toaster… #

03:15 Done cleaning all my ovens. Listening to the Slate podcast while deciding whether to clean the living room or kitchen first. #

15:35 There’s nothing like waking up to a chilly saturday afternoon. #

21:41 Gotta get home to prep for tomorrow’s party. There’s a cake to bake, cookies to frost, a pie to cream (?), and a camcorder to set up. *WEG* #

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