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Tweets for Today – Peace, please


12:47 Watching the news. I feel like a grown-up. Also, a bit depressed. Those doctors in gaza are awesome. That’s all. #

12:57 Just realized I had only one proper meal yesterday. What’s wrong with me? #

14:55 My seatmate in class, whispering: "Did [the prof] just say ‘genital thrust’?" Me: "General! General thrust!" #

16:39 Cleaning. #

19:23 Doing dishes. Next, laundry. What a glamorous life this is. #

21:46 I’m out of bay leaf, so I’m improvising this adobo. This will probably turn out really horrible. #

21:53 So, do I throw some oyster sauce on this? #

21:54 I twitter for #peace. (Also, #cookies!) #

22:01 OKay, put the oyster sauce in. Ginger taste is rather prominent. (Oh, yeah, ginger in my adobo. ‘Cause that’s how I roll.) #

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