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Tweets for Today – Waiting for the Doctor


22:23 I need coffee. Or maybe tea. Doesn’t matter, as the caffeine will keep me wide awake. Decaf is for pussies. #

22:54 Just messing around with TweetDeck. Here’s us playing with the Yahoo! torch: #

22:58 My friends Ted and Miki always post the best pictures. Take a look-see: . #

00:46 Ohhhh. We will finally get to know who’s playing the next Doctor in a few hours. I’m so fricking excited. #

01:37 Twinkle, the giant Kitten will destroy all in her wake … #

02:01 The shortlist of Doctors: . I am partial to Paterson Joseph myself, although Russel Tovey would be an interesting choice. #

02:02 Of course, this dang list might just be a distraction and RTD ends up picking someone completely unexpected. Ah, the suspense! #

02:09 Matt Smith is the new Doctor. #

02:12 If you don’t believe me, then go here: . Apparently Smith is the youngest Doctor ever. #

02:27 I fear I’m enjoying tea too much these days. Am I perhaps a tea drinker now? Nooooo!!! *sob* #

10:12 RT There’s a phishing scam running rampant on Twitter: . Be warned! #

10:18 Re: the phishing scam. Variation of a "funny blog about you" is "a website with your pic on it". Beware. #

11:16 Neil Gaiman seems to be taking the non-pick of Paterson Joseph better than I am: . #

11:23 Hmmm. Considering that Tennant had regenerated into … himself, wouldn’t that make Smith the 12th Doctor? #

11:27 It’s not nitpicking, because the number of regenerations is important, as the Doctor can regenerate only 12 times. #

14:33 Having tea. #

15:44 A video which explains better than I ever could why I don’t watch locally-made television: . #

18:51 My eyes hurt from staring at the computer for nearly 8 hours. Gonna go rest my eyes now. #

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