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Tweets for Today – Cold


22:26 Dinner: Chicken liver in oyster sauce. #

23:18 The weather report widget on my dashboard LIES. It is NOT 56 degrees in Manila. It’s fricking COLD. #

00:14 On the MMFF: #

00:15 When the Church of Scientology buys out all the pharmacies: #

00:27 Apparently, it’s 56 degrees FARENHEIT. Unthinkable! Also, my thermometer says 80 degrees. What’s going on? #

00:27 I’m now putting my thermometer by the window to get an accurate reading of the temperature outside. #

00:28 I should be doing dishes, but nooooo. Instead, I’m trying to figure out if it’s really as cold as I think it is. #

00:39 Stupid weather report is predicting -3 degrees (C) on Sunday. Seriously. This is supposed to be the tropics! #

03:13 Just polished off the last of the Calamansi Bars (from Classic Confections, according to the box). Yum. #

13:39 John Travolta’s son dies: This makes me sad, as I have adored the man since I first saw "Grease" as a child. #

16:41 Gotta hustle. R. just called and I have to meet him and VR at Rockwell asap. To the showers! #

21:24 Dinner at Brazil Brazil. Now stuffed to the gills with all kinds of meat. #

21:42 Hello, world! (Just checking out #

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