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Incident report


So by now you’ve already read/heard about the alleged brawl at the Valley Golf and Country Club involving the Delfin De la Paz and Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman. Much of the public sympathy has been for De la Paz, but there are apparently those who also take the side of Pangandaman. Pangandaman recently made a public apology which did not satisfy the De la Paz family, so now the whole thing is still under investigation.

What’s interesting is that the “At Midfield” blog is claiming to have gotten its hands on the incident report filed by the Security Department of the country club and has posted a scan of the document online. The document says that De la Paz and his son were “bloodied” and that the Pangandaman’s body guards were brandishing their high-powered weapons menacingly.

As Mr. Burns of Springfield likes to say: “Iiiiiinteresting..”

I don’t know these people, really. I just hope that the right people are punished and the truth comes to light. If the DAR secretary turns out to be at fault, we would like a nice big slice of comeuppance for him, thanks. We’ve seen more than enough bad behavior from people who are supposed to be public servants, we shouldn’t have to keep tolerating it.

So, what do you think ?