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Tweets for Today – Crossing over to the new year


22:17 Two hours before midnight. The outside air is already starting to get thick with the residue of firecrackers. #

22:33 Watching "Miss Marple:A Pocketful of Rye". Matthew Macfadyen looks rather cute with a mustache. #

22:54 I’m stuffed with ham and cookies. Now getting sleeeeepy… #

23:33 I want to thank everyone who sent New Year greetings. Now shut up and tell me what you’re drinking. #

00:14 White rum to toast the spanking new year. Cheers to us all. #

02:09 An hour and a half into 2009 and finally the noise has abated somewhat. I can now watch Rachel maddow in peace. #

15:29 That’s Sir Terry Pratchett to you: #

17:36 First day of the new year is grey and overcast. At least in Manila. #

18:10 My clumsiness is such that my swiss knife has now tasted my blood. Bandaid on my middle finger and now it’s back to making tea. #

18:44 It’s nearly 7pm on January 1 and the firecrackers are still a-cracking. #

20:02 Mr. God is baaaack! #

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