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Tweets for Today – Turning red


23:01 I have a hair full of foil. Apparently, it’s supposed to sting. I should start screaming in agony any minute now. #

23:01 The bleaching product is supposed to sting, not the foil. FYI. #

00:13 Hmmm. It’s been an hour. Bleaching product still not stinging. Maybe I really do have thick skin. Literally. #

02:48 It is done. Despite our worries, my hair has survived the barrage of chemicals and is now a nice shade of red. #

12:20 Awake. Checking my twitterfeed before I go back to bed. #

13:24 Breakfast: peanut butter sandwich, ibuprofen and coffee.By breakfast, I mean "first meal after waking", as it’s past 1pm Manila time. #

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