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Tweets for Today – Doctors


00:20 Just watched the Dr. Horrible dvd special features. While singing to the songs. "With my freeze ray I will stop… the world." #

00:22 And speaking of doctors, also just saw the Doctor Who christmas special. Why can’t we have Who all year? Why? #

02:40 Contemplating what cookies to make next. #

03:57 Goodness, the TwitterNets are quiet. #

06:17 Rewriting opening scene of comics serial #1 for the upteenth time.Not even sure this will stick.At least I already have the last scene down. #

17:50 Doing laundry and listening on the news podcasts. I wish I could stay home all day. #

17:56 My friend A., on Arthur and Merlin in the BBC series: "God, bury your sword in his stone already!" #

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