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The Hangover Recovery Protocol

  1. Lots of sleep.
  2. Lots of water. Preferably before sleeping.
  3. Food. Something fried and greasy.
  4. Pain relief pills. As many as you can take without passing out.
  5. Shower.
  6. (NEW!)Look at pictures taken the previous night and destroy the potential blackmail material.
  7. Repeat if necessary.

Got an adequate amount of sleep. It wasn’t nearly enough, though, something I will remedy in a few minutes. Rehydration was iffy, as I did not get water until after I woke up. Bratwurst was fried, but not greasy enough, but the runny eggs made up for it. No blackmail-worthy photos taken last night — all they showed was that my outfit was not particularly flattering.

So, what do you think ?