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The madness begins


At around half past one last night, I suddenly realized my Mom still wasn’t home. At the latest, she’s usually in at around 10 pm. Just as I had sent her an SMS, she arrived. Very annoyed, I might add. Apparently the traffic was so horrendous, it took her two hours to get home.

Oh, great. To think I had been thinking about going out that night. Then I remembered what day it was — the first friday after most people had gotten their 13th month bonuses. Yes, my fellow Metro-dwellers, the Madness has begun.

I was gonna go shopping today (I need a new jacket), but the fear of crazed shoppers hopped up on their bonuses kept me home. So go on, celebrate this ridiculous, materialistic holiday with your crappy gifts. I’m staying home and reading.

Oh, and by the way, to my friends, please curb your impulse to greet me Merry Christmas or give me presents. My lack of religion gives you an opportunity to save your money, so please take it. You’re welcome.

So, what do you think ?