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So, apparently, both my professors will be giving us next week off. Of course, it doesn’t mean we won’t need to do any work — because we will. Still, it will be nice to not have to brave the Makati rush-hour traffic for a few days.

My leg and I are currently not on very good terms, because for some reason I decided it was a good idea to go to the gym two days in a row.  My left leg is still protesting this treatment.  My body, you see, does not take kindly to any physical activity.  It’s all, “Hey, you’re a geek. Put down that dumbell and go back to your room.  Those episodes of Stargate Atlantis aren’t going to watch themselves, you know.” And I’m like, “Oh, shut up. When zombies try to take over the world and I’m in shape to outrun them, you will thank me.”  Then it goes, “Oh, please. You’re just gearing up for F.’s birthday dinner on Saturday, the brunch buffet for your aunt’s birthday on Sunday, and food orgy that is Thanksgiving. I’m on to you, woman.”  Okay, it had me there.
Have a great weekend, folks. Don’t forget Komikon starts tomorrow.

So, what do you think ?